Scrapbook Layout: 2006 Intro Page

Scrapbook Intro Page by Natalie ParkerScrapbook Intro Page by Natalie ParkerScrapbook Intro Page by Natalie ParkerScrapbook Intro Page by Natalie Parker

It’s all about the context.  It’s my goal to include information in my scrapbooks about how our lives intersected with what was going on in the world.  So often I think of my parents’ lives and world events during that time a separate.  I want my kids to understand that they do go together.

Summary of Our Lives: The section on the right is a brief summary of our year.  Of course the scrapbook itself will tell a more detailed story, but I like how this piece brings everything together.

Summary of Our World: This is a mixture of world news and pop culture.  Instead of a separate news and pop culture layout like I did for 2005, I reverted to my 2004 idea and used text to combine our story and the news.

Wanting Negative Space:  I tried in vain to figure out a way to print the text on white cardstock and cut the headlines out as negative space right above them.  I know there are print and cut features on the Silhouette, but I couldn’t figure out how to add that much text without it being a real pain.  Any suggestions are welcome!

Scrapbook Intro Page by Natalie Parker

Fonts: Rockwell (headlines) | Silhouette SD (headlines) | Supplies: October Afternoon/Woodland Park/Minnow Creek (patterned paper)


3 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: 2006 Intro Page

  1. My favorite! Journaling! It’s said that a good speech starts out by telling you what you’re going to hear, then the speech tells you, then the summary told you what you heard. It’s not a stretch to say that a scrapbook could do the same?? I like the opening page as journaling only. Great idea 🙂

  2. I like this concept for a page, and it turned out beautifully.

    Just an idea for future print-and-cut… I’ve never tried putting large blocks of text into the Silhouette Studio software (I have done small bits; you just have to make sure to turn off the cutting lines on the text 🙂 I absolutely LOVE the print-and-cut feature.) but something I would try would be to generate the block of text in the proportions you want in a program like Photoshop and then save it as an image file. Then, import the image into the Studio software and design your cutting lines around it. (Does that make sense?) I have done something similar with just an image (for example, the thank-you card base layer at the very end of this blog post was done this way:

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