The Creative Doldroms

Flowers by Natalie Parker

There’s nothing quite so annoying as when creativity leaves you.  Creativity is not a finite commodity — it cannot be used up.  But sometimes it just flies the coop.

Yesterday I finished my first scrapbook layout in over a month.  The previous one I barely eeked out after sitting with it for a few weeks.  In sum, no meaningful scrapbook work since about the end of March.  I always have several layouts that I haven’t posted, so you the audience don’t really see my ebbs and flows.  But trust me, they’re there.  This last bout was so bad I didn’t even want to write about scrabpooking.

I know exactly how it happened.  From the end of March until mid-May, school and work zapped me.  So much going on that I felt like I didn’t have room in my brain for anything else.  I finished school for the semester and decided to take a couple weeks off before starting my thesis work.  Not so fast.  Work still zapped me.  I wanted to work on my projects.  I had time to work on my projects.  My creative brain was having none of it.

I know what to do when that happens.  Don’t stress, work on something else.  Enjoy something else.  It will come back eventually.  It’s hard not to get frustrated when I have precious little time to work on my own projects and can’t.  Instead, I’ve been reading, watching movies, fixing the collage frame, and more.

Finally a new page finished.  Here’s hoping it’s on its way back!


5 thoughts on “The Creative Doldroms

  1. I’ve done traditional scrapbooking for over 25 years. Learned some basic sewing and quilting about 10 years ago. About 7 years ago I started stamping and making cards – I was very surprised at how differently I had to approach cards compared to scrapbooking! And at that I also started doing some digital scrapbooking. It is very easy for me to move from one project to the next when my ideas are running low on any particular project. Though I can no longer use the excuse “I have nothing to work on !” 😉

  2. I hear you Nat. It’s been so hard for me. I’m also so done with my photography right now. I know that’s horrible, but I’m tired of editing photos. I just started a scrapbooking group on Facebook in hopes of kickstarting my creativity. Juggling everything sucks the joy out of creativity. The sad part is that I really need it.

    • I think being able to stop and admit what you do and don’t feel like doing creatively is a good thing. I feel bad when I say I don’t feel like scrapbooking, but there it is.

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