Ephemera Roundup: Refrigerator Magnets in my Scrapbooks

Football Season Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

Fridge magnets are a unique type of ephemera, to be sure!

Where magnets pop up in my scrapbooks: In my scrapbooks, fridge magnets are usually commemorative and are often giveaways from sports teams I support.  They document the schedule from the season and often that season’s “theme.”

Why you might want to save magnets: you may see some for sports teams like I do, and non-sports organizations use them to brand.  I used to print my own magnets years ago for student organizations and hand them out to members.  Magnets have become popular “save the dates” for weddings and I definitely like to save those!

Are they acid free?  Probably not.  However, I err on the side of including them because I think the story is more important than worrying about having one non-archival item on the page.  Ask me again in 10 years and I’ll report back if they degraded other items on the page.

How I attach magnets to my scrapbook pages: I use the same Scotch double-sided scrapbooking tape and Avery glue stick that I use on everything else.  While these magnets have more heft than tickets or newspaper articles, I have not had any problems using my regular standby adhesives.

Have you ever included fridge magnets on your scrapbook pages?  Please share in the comments!  Links to your pages are welcome!


4 thoughts on “Ephemera Roundup: Refrigerator Magnets in my Scrapbooks

  1. I think that’s a great idea. I am moving soon and didn’t want to display my old magnets, but still wanted to keep them!

    • Great! A scrapbook is a great place to keep magnets. And I totally understand wanting to start a clean slate on your new fridge.

  2. There are sooo many things that I want to save that are NOT photo safe. Movie and concert tickets, programs from weddings or events. The occasional magnet 🙂 And sometimes photos just are not appropriate or even allowed at an event, so it makes the thing I want to save even MORE important for my scrapbook. Memorial services and many formal concert or other paid-for venues, for example. Over the years I’ve come up with a variety of solutions for saving these items.

    Most often, I use page protectors on my strap-hinge album pages, so keeping a facing page from ruining the opposite facing page is easy. But there are a few other solutions. One is to use a “pocket.” My favorite is Close to My Heart’s “Flip Flaps.” Absolutely FABULOUS!! Many sizes to work with make it easy to find something that will work. The second solution is to mount items on paper that is “Buffered.” It has stuff in it that prevents from leaching out of the unsafe item onto other items. Whether you mount the safe or unsafe item, it doesn’t matter. There is a layer of protection between the items.

    I’m sure I save too much, but in looking back at older albums, I have never said “Gee. I really shouldn’t have saved that.”

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