Time Passing

Wedding Invitation Scrapbook Page

Time passes so quickly.  That is not a surprise.  I like to think as someone who documents memories and studies about saving information that I’m more acutely aware than most.

Still, there are moments that stand out, when time socks you in the gut saying, “hi, remember me?”  Then I realize I am just like everyone else who can never truly prepare for how quickly life goes.

We lost another of our grandparents this week.  It made me think about the layout I made for the wedding scrapbook with pictures of our grandparents and their response cards.

It’s been almost eight years since those photos were taken and half of the people on that page are gone.  I have a mixture of happy and sad feelings and am mostly thinking about how quickly time passes.

I’m glad I made that page.


2 thoughts on “Time Passing

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels. ALL my grandparents are gone now and my hubby has only 1 left. BUT, I have the photos, I’ve told the stories. I’m so glad I have the memories all in one place to look at when I need the reminder of who they were and how blessed I was to have known most of my grandparents! Isn’t it good to know the memories will never go away, no matter how much time passes??

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