Paper from Argentina

Argentina Paper by Natalie ParkerWhen I finally got home from Antarctica (after spending some time in Argentina), I really wondered whether getting this paper was worth it.

Was it worth carrying the roll out of the shop in over 100-degree heat and 80% humidity?

On the last day of our trip so I had to carry it around until our 11:15pm flight?

When I left it on the check-in desk at the airport and had to run back and get it?

When I had to carry it when I ran through customs, through security again, up an escalator without my shoes, and onto the plane that they thankfully held for us?

Hanging onto it while we were dealing with a lost suitcase when we got back to SFO?

I finally unrolled the paper last weekend and thought, man, was it worth all that?


Most definitely, yes!  I had forgotten how awesome this stuff was when I bought it!  This came from a shop called Papelera Palermo in Buenos Aires.  So many cute paper products!  They even make some of the big sheets on site!*

I got this great speckled blue and this fantastic roll of gold.  I’ve been looking for just plain gold for a while.  I either can’t find it or it’s too expensive.  Now I have an entire roll of great, warm gold!  And it was less than $10!

I had my Spanish-fluent friend repeatedly confirm that this stuff was acid free and that was that!

Now I want to put gold in everything.  I have quite a few layouts that I need to post here before you’ll start seeing it show up.  I can’t wait to use it!

*Mr. P stood for a while watching the guy make the paper in the back of the store.  Really it was because that’s where the air conditioner was.  He and our friend only promised to let me have all the time I wanted in the paper store as long as it was air conditioned.


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