Sending Cards: Reviewing My Resolution

Sending Mail by Natalie Parker

My resolution in 2013 was to always send a card.

How did I do?

I sent a lot of cards.  I sent cards where I would have normally sent them.  I sent cards I normally would have thought twice on.

Birthdays for friends I’ve lost touch with, valentines for girlfriends, cards for coworkers who got promotions, thank yous after friends hosted us for dinner, bon voyage cards to people taking big trips, sympathy cards for relatives and pets lost, congratulations cards for new pregnancies, congrats for degrees earned, thank yous to professors, and cards to tell people to hang in there during difficult times.

I like how sending a card made me stop for a moment and think about important moments in others’ lives.  It takes so little effort in the grand scheme of life to send a card and it has the potential to mean a lot to the person that gets it.

I have to say, I got a lot more practice writing sympathy cards than I would have liked.  Sympathy cards are tricky and I think sometimes people opt not to send them because they aren’t sure what to say.  I learned that what I say isn’t as important as what it means to the person to get the card.  Any difficulty I have finding the right words pales in comparison to what that person is going through.  Always send a card.

I’m going to keep with this as long as I can!  Let’s keep the postal service in business, shall we?  Onward to 2014!

Articles of Interest: William and Kate send thank you cards to everyone who wrote them about the birth of Prince George, USC football coach sends handwritten note to every single member of marching band.

8 thoughts on “Sending Cards: Reviewing My Resolution

  1. Good for you! The only resolution I kept for 2013 was to read more books. And I agree with you about the sympathy cards. It doesn’t matter really what you say, but that you sent the card. I learned that from both sides (as sender and receiver this year).

  2. Love to make and send cards. Doing it can be hard when it’s not for a happy reason. But “Thinking of You” solves lots of “I don’t know what to say” problems. Love that you took photos of the envelopes. Was that so you could keep track of who you sent them to?? Also, I think in this digital age and instant messaging of texting and FB, the personal touch of a card in the mail can mean even more than it used to. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I just took the pictures because I had made the resolution and wanted to see at the end of the year what it looked like when I put all the pictures together. So, right before I sent each set, I snapped a picture with my phone.

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