The Different Ways We Keep Memories

FreeSTockPhotoPencils“The impulse to record, to collect, to store, and organize information is part of our nature as human beings.”Alyce Scott

Neat quote, isn’t it?  I’m taking a class from her this semester.

I’ve been thinking about the different ways we keep memories.  We are all memory keepers, we just each have our own way of doing it.

Some of us scrapbook.  Some of us use social media, some blog.   Some use oral history.

I started thinking about this when Mr. P and I were visiting some college friends.  It never fails when we are with this group — the same stories get told.  I could use a checklist to tick off each one as it happens each time we see each other.

The thing is, telling and retelling stories is just another way of storing information, of keeping memories.  In fact, keeping memories through oral history was the way things were done before us humans started writing things down.

Mr. P understands scrapbooking is my hobby and memory keeping is just something I have to do.  I understand to sit back and smile when it’s time for his stories.

What about you?  How do different people in your life keep their memories?

Image courtesy Rachael Smith via Creative Commons license.

6 thoughts on “The Different Ways We Keep Memories

  1. I can relate to all of the above. I have multiple friends and family with blogs. Many who scrapbook. A few who keep journals. And then there are those who post their entire life to FB or twitter. (I won’t start on that!) And an uncle who I could tell his stories for him 😀 I just love the fact that scrapbooking lets me keep the stories and the photos together forever. A computer crash does NOT affect the book sitting on my shelf!

    You might laugh, but the thing that rang true with me about your post, was your comments about how well you and your Mr P know each other. My hubby has been on a bowling team, in a league since he was about 20. I’ve been scrapbooking since I was a senior in high school. I was 29 and he was 32 when we started dating. We make jokes. “I’ve got scrapbooks that have been around longer than you, Honey.” He replies, “That’s Ok, I’ve got bowling balls that have been around longer than you, Babe.” And yes, that is now a long-running joke that has a scrapbook page in an album!!

  2. My husband and his friends have a long-standing storytelling tradition, similar to the one you described. They are all talented storytellers– even though I’ve heard many of the stories many times, I always enjoy hearing them again! Sometimes I suggest to my husband that he should collect the stories in written form somewhere (notebook, blog, whatever), and maybe he will someday, but we both realize that they wouldn’t be quite the same as when they are recited out loud!

    • Yes, I don’t know if I’m a good enough writer to quite capture those oral stories. Still, sometimes I wish I still had access to some of our grandparents’ stories.

  3. My husband is more of the oral storyteller and so is his mom. I’m better at the written word, along with the visual (why I’m the scrapbooker of the family). It’s great to have a mix of both… and to have a group to tell different parts of the story.

    • Sometimes I worry that the scrapbook is only reflecting my perspective. But then I realize that it’s just may way of keeping memories and my husband has his way.

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