Scrapbook Layout: San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSan Diego Zoo Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSan Diego Zoo Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerThis layout is about our trip to the San Diego Zoo and also when I got to meet my little niece for the very first time.

This was actually the same trip where we went to Disneyland and got engaged.  Except I put that story in the Wedding Scrapbook.  This other part of the trip I’m putting in my 2005 scrapbook.  Confused yet?

Onto the layout, it’s a pretty simple set of square pictures.  I went all lazy-pants again and printed the set as a complete strip and didn’t cut them out individually.  I used the map of the zoo as the background.

I wrote the story of how we visited San Diego and told Mr. P’s sister and brother-in-law that we were engaged.  I actually love how my handwriting turned out here!

I debated for a while about backing the headline letters to make them pop more but decided not to.  Not quite sure if it was the right decision – it looks kind of busy.  But I don’t redo pages, so it’s onto the next one!

San Diego Zoo Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

Fonts: Cafe Rojo | Tools: Epson Stylus R2000 (photos), Silhouette SD (headline) | Keepsakes Included: Map of San Diego Zoo.

7 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: San Diego Zoo

  1. I’ve done the Park Map thing in albums too 🙂 “Too busy.” Compared to what?? I don’t think it’s too busy, I think it looks great!! As for the engagement story in the wedding book vs. here. One thing I’ve done in the past is when I put the entire story in a particular “event” album, I will do a page or a double page layout in whatever other book/s I think it needs to be in and then just mention that the complete story is in the other album! What a great vacation for you! An engagement, meeting your niece and the zoo 😀

      • Sometimes we are our own worst critic. And I’ve done pages where I didn’t particularly like it after I was done (I don’t redo either!), BUT years ago, I had someone teach me that lesson about my stuff NOT being “too ___.” I made a card that I told her was “too dark.” And that was her answer to me. “Compared to what?” I was dumbstruck. So, when I lay out something, if I don’t like it, I try to be more specific and fix THAT, rather than fix a ‘pat’ label on it. And yes, being true to your own likes and dislikes is what it’s all about 😀 YOU have to look at those pages for a long time!! LOL

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