On to 2005

2005 Scrapbook Keepsakes by Natalie Parer

My 2004 scrapbook is scanned, bound, and on the shelf.  2005? You’re on deck.

I always say this and I’ll say it again here – I love starting a new year and the sense that I’m beginning a new project.  My favorite beginning-a-scrapbook activity is going through the box of keepsakes.

I have quite the big shoebox for 2005.  Good thing Mr. P was into buying Vans at that time . . .

2005 Scrapbook Keepsakes by Natalie Parer

I really would like to get the shoeboxes out of the closet and keep nice Ikea Kassett boxes for the future.  Instead of replacing the them, I’m just scrapbooking as fast as I can and tossing the boxes.  Incentive!

I took over the living room floor and divided everything into piles by event type.  We took our first big vacation together in 2005, so that’s a big pile.  There was my usual football and baseball stuff, along with other fun memories.

2005 Scrapbook Keepsakes by Natalie Parer

I jotted down a list of the different events each item represents, so I can start planning the book. Then everything goes back in the box in rough chronological order, with the beginning of the year on top.  This way I don’t have to tear apart the box when I start working on the pages.


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