Thoughts on Handwriting

Handwriting by Natalie ParkerYou may have noticed (or I’m going to point out) that I’ve been handwriting a lot on my scrapbook layouts recently.

This is a big step for me.  I used to not like the look of my handwriting and thought it made the page look messy.  I first experimented with handwriting on this layout way back in my last college scrapbook.

Then came the wedding scrapbook and wanting a consistent look, I typed everything.  Toward the end of that project, there were definitely places where I thought handwriting would actually work better.

Fast forward to this 2004 scrapbook, I decided try it some more.  For this book, I did about 50-50 typing versus handwriting.

The Good: I think handwriting looks more personal and it goes with the homey-scrapbook-from-days-of-yore feeling I like to go for.

Handwriting by Natalie ParkerIt’s also really useful for adding small thoughts or captions.

Handwriting by Natalie ParkerThe Not So Good: I still don’t like my handwriting 100%.  I like it more when I am writing smaller bits, rather than big paragraphs. It’s probably because I have a hard time writing a straight line, being a lefty.

Handwriting by Natalie ParkerI also have tiny handwriting.  Looking at it now, I have a tendency to scrunch everything together, even when it might look better to add some space between lines.  Then again, I can’t write straight and bunching things together helps me keep it in line.

What do you think?  Do you like your handwriting?

Layouts featured in this post, in order:  Cannon Platform Scrapbook Layout, New Home Scrapbook Layout, 2004 Football Scrapbook Layout, Wine Tasting Scrapbook Layout.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Handwriting

  1. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the minority in that I actually really like my handwriting. Even back in high school and before that, I would practice different “fonts.” Yes, I did get teased about that– even by teachers, sometimes! But all that practice means that I’m pretty comfortable with my handwriting. I think it’s great that you’re writing your captions by hand! The more you do it, the more you’ll like it, I think 🙂

    ooh, one other thing- It sounds silly, but I really believe that the pen or pencil I am using affects the way I write. If I’m writing with certain instruments, I will be more careful or have “prettier” handwriting…and sometimes I’ve found that I’m likelier to use certain “fonts” with certain instruments. Yes, I’m weird, but I’m okay with that!

  2. I got back and fourth. I don’t love my handwriting, but sometimes it’s easier just to hand write on your layouts because they’re right in front of you. Recently, though, because of the popularity of Project Life, there’s a ton of free 3×4 journaling card downloads available. I’ve been downloading them and doing typed journaling on those.

  3. I must say, like the first Natalie, I’ve had many fonts in my life. Especially through my 20’s. I don’t particularly like my handwriting, now, but it is legible 😀 I hand write all my traditional scrapbooking.pages. Partly because I got into the habit of using scraps of my paper used for a particular page. Partly because I want to get it done and I have everything I need right there. Write, trim, mount, DONE. If I want to add a typed journal box, then I have to go to the computer, make a box in my software to fit the space for my page, type it, print it, cut it … too many steps in the process at that point.

    Digital is always easy because I can manipulate it so much. Over a picture I’ve faded. Over a solid color box, circle, or any other shape. Software lets you manipulate the journalling to be in the same shape too! Font can be large or small, fancy or not, anything really. I’ve recently noticed that my stories on my digital pages are the longer ones though. Hhmmm. I wonder if that could add to your tendency to write smaller?? Making sure it fits in the space you want it to??

    I’ve also continued to do hand-written journalling because I sooo appreciate the notes, cards and even the hand-writing on the back of the photos that others have left behind. Someone will appreciate it in the future …

    • I just write small because in the 3rd grade I decided it looks neater and never went back 🙂 So one could say that my obsession with neat looking handwriting goes way back!

      I do tend to type when I have a lot of information I want to get on the page. I think it’s the medium-sized text blocks I’m having problems with.

  4. Back in the day, I loved my handwriting. I wrote a ton of letters, I hand wrote stories, was always practicing. Then I entered the working world and my life revolved around a computer. My handwriting has definitely suffered. I print on my pages a lot but don’t handwrite much. I’m not sure “like” is the right word but it’s easier most of the time than computer journaling and when I want to finish a page, I just do it. I should practice…maybe that would make a difference. All I can say is just keep doing it! I think yours looks great and it really does add a personal touch.:)

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