Make Time for Creative Time

Make time for creative time by Natalie ParkerMaking time in life for creative activities is a frequent topic I read about.  Over here in my little corner of the internet, here’s my take on it:

Make time for creative time.
If something is important to you, you will make time for it.

I hate waking up any earlier than I possibly need to.  I used to give myself only a 1-2 minute buffer in the morning when I was getting ready for work.

Then I started my Master’s Program.  I was concerned I would lose time for blogging and scrapbooking.  Then I did something that’s so unequivocally against my personality:  I started getting up earlier.

Not early early.  Just around 30 minutes early.  After I get ready for the day, for 30 minutes I sit and work on a creative project.  I don’t clean the house, I don’t start looking at work email.  Creative time only.

I found that creative time in the morning is calming.  I don’t have things piling up in the day yet to make me worry.  By the time I get to work, I’ve already done a little something for a project and I don’t stress out as much if there’s something that’s going to eat into my creative time in the evening.

How about you?  Does this make you think of how you prioritize creative time?

4 thoughts on “Make Time for Creative Time

  1. I am struggling with this right now. I am traveling almost non-stop for the first month of my new job. I love it but it leaves me with little crafty time. I tried to scrap in the hotel but it’s just not working. I am anxious to get through this first month and get into some kind of normal routine. Not sure if I will make the time early in the day or later. Knowing me, I should save early for exercise and later for creative because the other way around, I’ll find an excuse not to exercise. I never say that about crafting. 🙂

    • Business trips are tough. I try not to pressure myself too much when I’m away from home on business for long periods and don’t usually bring supplies with me. I find about halfway through business trips is when I start getting creative juices and usually I’ll browse layouts on Pinterest and start sketching my own layouts. If I’m really prepared for a trip, I might jot down subject matter for future layouts (what I want to document, how many pictures I have) and keep that in mind for when I’m browsing and sketching. When I got home from Australia this last time, I had my next 4 layouts sketched.

  2. I find it hard sometimes to find time to take for creative pursuits. It seems like every time I think my girl has gotten into a schedule, things change, which can be frustrating. These days, she has one nap per day that lasts (if I’m lucky) 1.5 hours. I have a hard time taking time to do fun, crafty things if I have housework or other un-creative tasks on my to-do list (a holdover from doing homework before playtime? haha).

    I re-learned again in the past week that some days, I really need to just say to myself, “Forget all of the things that ‘need’ to be done around the house and use naptime to do something hobby-related, something for just me.” I am almost always glad that I did, and those things around the end up getting finished some way or another anyway. I think I need to take naptime for my own crafts at least once a week to be a happy person 🙂

    • Yes, that is exactly how I look at things. I’ve learned to live with a layer of dust if I don’t get around to dusting. Spending time on creative projects will make me a happier person.

      I almost see this as akin to exercising making you more productive at other things! If you feel better, that will carry over to other things.

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