The Quilt Show

Quilt Show by Natalie ParkerA couple weekends ago, Mr. P and I visited my family because my mom was receiving an honor at the local quilt show.

When I think of how I methodically work through projects, not starting one page until I’m through with the current one, I know I got that from my mom.  In her quilting circles, she’s famous for not having any UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) in her sewing room.

She’s also a champ at using her stash.  The picture above is a quilt she made from fabric selvedge.  Fabric selvedge is the printing at the bottom of a bolt of fabric.  She was inspired to do this by seeing old quilts made with cigar silks.  Can you imagine making a scrapbook layout using the little strips at the bottom of the patterned paper that show the brand?

She was the Featured Quilter at this year’s show, which is quite an honor.  It’s sort of a lifetime achievement award.  She had her own booth and showcased a bunch of her work.   She was also pleased as punch to parade her daughters around to all of her friends.

I’ve included the signage from her booth so you can read more about her (click the photo to enlarge).  Congratulations Mom!

Quilt Show by Natalie ParkerQuilt Show by Natalie Parker

2 thoughts on “The Quilt Show

  1. Congratulations to your mother! It was really neat to read about her sewing achievements. I have great respect for quilters– it is beautiful precision work! The selvedge quilt is fantastic, too. Are they all from fabrics that she’s used in her other quilts? I imagine it’s like a thousand little stories all lined up. Where she got the fabric, what she used it for, etc.

    It reminded me of an incredible dress I saw a few years ago. I no longer have the original link (sadly), but I did find photos are probably the same dress:
    (and some other photos from when it was displayed at a show in 2009:

    • Yes, it is precision work, I agree. I often think my work as a paper crafter is slightly more fudgeable. And yes, the selvedge pieces are all from other fabrics she used in other quilts. She just saved the selvedge pieces over until she had enough for the quilt.

      That dress is awesome! I’ll have to send my mom the link!

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