Paper Treats from Melbourne

Melbourne Paper by Natalie ParkerMelbourne Paper by Natalie ParkerMelbourne Paper by Natalie ParkerMelbourne Paper by Natalie ParkerMelbourne Paper by Natalie ParkerMelbourne Paper by Natalie ParkerMelbourne Paper by Natalie ParkerI popped into any paper or card store I could find in Melbourne.  I wanted to buy so much more than what I ended up with – mostly because my bag going to Melbourne was at the weight limit!

Here’s what I ended up with:

1. Some cute long envelopes from Japan.

2. Paris notecards, 4 different designs.  I am out of notecards and am really glad to have these.

3. Melbourne notecards – these are produced from an old map of the city in the possession of the State Library of Victoria.

4. Nifty tissue paper that is made to look like clothing patterns.  This is a gift for my mom!

5. A world map file folder.  I think I’ll put paper scraps in this.

6. An I Tram Melbourne postcard.  The trams in Melbourne are awesome!  If you’re a fan of Melbourne trams, check out the I Tram Melbourne website for other cute goodies from this designer.

I also got a load of new birthday cards which I won’t post here lest people receiving them get a sneak peek!


4 thoughts on “Paper Treats from Melbourne

  1. That is some REALLY cool stuff!! I just love the wrapping paper that looks like a pattern. My Mom has sewn since she was 11 and I am always looking for unique items for her like that. Do you ever make your own cards?? That’s what I do with lots of my leftover scrapbooking paper. Though I admit to buying even more paper that is JUST for cards. I tend to use a smaller print than I might for a scrapbook page. And I would be more likely to trim that folder up to use as a background on a page in my album than as an actual folder!! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    • I know, the tissue paper is so fun, right? Anyone who’s sewn a pattern or had a mom that made clothes knows what those look like.

      Nope, I don’t make cards. Well, I sometimes do but very rarely. I just don’t enjoy it as much as I do scrapbooking and I love collecting stationary! I’ve been collecting stationary since before I started scrapbooking!

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