Just back from . . . Melbourne

Melbourne Scenery by Natalie ParkerI was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Melbourne, Australia this month!  I was there as part of a study abroad program for my Master’s Degree.   I spent a lot of time doing schoolwork but also a lot of time getting to know the city.

Melbourne is such a cool city!  I wandered many neighborhoods and got some cool pictures.  Melbourne has embraced graffiti and I could not stop taking pictures of it all.  The colors were amazing especially because it was winter time and there weren’t any blooming flowers or leaves on trees.  I also tried to get my fill of passion fruit and Tim Tams . . .

If you were following along on Facebook, you saw one of the very old scrapbooks I got to see as part of the site visits my class did.  I got to see so many documents and institutions of memory – it reminds me of why I scrapbook.

Have you been to Melbourne?

Melbourne Skyline by Natalie Parker


8 thoughts on “Just back from . . . Melbourne

  1. Your photos are great, and I hope we’ll hear (see) more of your travels. I’d love to go to Melbourne! When we were in Athens this spring we were amazed at the graffiti. My husband didn’t care for it, and thought it made the city look dirty, but like you, I really loved the colors and the wild designs of it!

    • I’m sure it will happen! If you asked me last year if I’d make it to this side of the world, I would never have guessed it would happen this year.

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