What’s Your Favorite Cardstock?

Cardstock by Natalie ParkerWith all these football layouts I’ve been doing recently, I’m running through blue and gold cardstock like you wouldn’t believe.  I used to get blue and gold in packs with other colors, but that won’t work anymore.  I use blue and gold at a much higher rate than any other colors!

Where’s your favorite place to buy sheets of cardstock, preferably in bulk and non-textured?  Do you have a favorite brand?  I’m open to all suggestions!


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Cardstock?

  1. I’m lucky enough to live close to a great paper outlet called Hollos. I can’t tell you how great it is to buy paper in bulk….for pennies a pound. I know that you can buy in bulk online, but you don’t see the colors and shades up close and you don’t feel the paper textures. I do a lot of workshops, so having paper for pennies keeps my overhead down. I also have an Archivers near me, so I do take advantage of the coupons they offer for paper as well as discounts on merchandise. I like Bazill and I do like white core paper so that I can sand the edges for additional dimension. White core is perfect when embossing as well. You can lightly sand the embossed designs and it looks cool, especially if the paper is dark. (Have you tried this?) I am enjoying your blog and intrigued by your style. I consider myself a minimalist when it comes to Scrapbooking, so I am drawn to your page style. Keep on blogging!

    • Thanks for your kind comments! I’ve never tried sanding the edges of paper, I’ll have to try it! Do you have any pictures to share?

      • HI….. Not sure if I should reply directly to this email, but I will give it a try. I have used “sanding” a lot…..here are a couple of samples

        In these page photos, I used sanding on photos or papers in some small way.



  2. I buy my smooth card stock from Stampin’ Up since I mostly stamp and make cards now. They sell some colors in individual packs. I also use certain colors more than others.

  3. I use Bazzill and have for probably 10 years. The store I worked at carried Bazzill, so that’s how that decision was made. I like them because of their color selection and selection of textured papers. That being said, they do make smooth cardstock, too. I have not used Stampin’ Up’s cardstock, but imagine it would work well for you. I know you can buy Bazzill in bulk (like 50-100 sheets) of your color choice if you google a bit. You might even be able to do it directly through the company.

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