Collecting Travel Keepsakes

Euros and a Hotel KeyIt’s funny, what I used to save from my trips is so different from what I do now.  Now, I have a system.  I always have a system.

With few exceptions, everything I bring home is 2D.  Yep.  If it can fit in my scrapbook, I’ll bring it home.

If I want to remember something that can’t go in the scrapbook (as in, I’m not saving a wad of cash), I take a picture of it.  This goes especially for when I have to return reusable subway cards.  I love transit keepsakes!

Shanghai Subway CardThis system helps because I don’t feel like I have to buy a lot of knick knacks to “remember” something.  There are a few exceptions:

  1. Food: If it’s edible and will go through customs, it’s coming home.  I always bring home champagne when I visit Paris.
  2. Art: Mr. P and I always look for a piece of street art when we travel.  Read more about that tradition here.
  3. Christmas Ornaments: I wrote about this a while ago, we always find something for our tree.
  4. Something for my desk at work: I like having these reminders when I’m getting through my workday.

What about you?  What do you save?  Do you try to keep your scrapbook in mind?

Egypt Tickets


10 thoughts on “Collecting Travel Keepsakes

  1. Good questions. I never thought about having a specific list. But years ago I did start keeping in mind that I wanted 2-D items for my scrapbooks and could have pictures of anything else. Oddly enough, we too often look for Christmas ornaments. Even in the midst of out March or July vacations, or any other time of year. I have been unsuccessful in my search for ornaments too. I want unique, so I don’t just buy the cheesey junk. If we like it, we buy it.

    I’ve come to realize the stories and memories I record in the scrapbooks are just as valuable, maybe more so?, than any picture or item I could bring home. I guess that’s one more thing that’s changed in my scrapbooking over the pat 24 years.

    • For ornaments, I find if we look for keychains or other items that we can convert to ornaments, we have a lot more luck. Traditional ornaments sometimes are too cheesy.

      The end of your comment resonates with me. The memories are much more important to me as well and I keep that in mind when being mindful about what to bring home.

      • Changing a keyring or something else into an ornament is something I would have to consider very carefully. My crafty talents are MUCH better with paper!! LOL.

  2. I always pick up a postcard or two – my favorite souvenir. And I’ve been known to scrapbook maps and pamphlets too. I like the idea of picking up Christmas ornaments and, of course, champagne from Paris!

  3. HAHA I had all those Egypt tickets too! It’s like they know scrapbookers go to Egypt and want all of those. It was almost TOO many!

    I pretty much only bring 2D things home too. And anything that doesn’t make it into my scrapbook, if it’s worth saving, I save them in labeled envelopes on a shelf. I might go through and purge those eventually too, but it’s usually on a few extra pieces I couldn’t let go of.

  4. We do pretty much the same thing. I keep a journal and only write on the right side. The left side is for small items to mount. I love when I can find stickers, which I found lots of on our National Parks trip.

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