I Own a Gocco Machine!

Gocco MachineThis is so freaking exciting.  I’ve been sitting on this for a week without telling you guys.

I managed to buy a Gocco machine!

For the uninitiated, a Gocco machine is a screen printing machine for paper.  Goccos were made by a Japanese company but were discontinued a few years ago.  I first read about them on Elise’s blog here and here.

Though they were discontinued, Gocco machines have a bit of a cult following in the craft community.  There are lots of Gocco-made items for sale on Etsy and there are websites that still sell Gocco inks and other supplies.

Gocco sets go for around $200 on eBay, give or take.  I’ve always wanted to try Gocco, but, ummmm, I’m not paying that much for something I’ve never tried.

Last week, my local store, the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, posted that they were selling a Gocco machine for $12.  Twelve. Dollars.  It came in the original box with the manuals and all the parts.  For twelve dollars.

I work about an hour from the store and wouldn’t be able to get there until right before it closed.*  Surely, I thought, there’s no way that the Gocco will still be there by the time I get there.  Someone will totally snap this up.

Thanks to a lot of traffic and parking karma, I got to the store 30 minutes before it closed.  I walked in and there it was.  Still for sale.  I couldn’t believe it.

I happily carried it home.  It came with a bunch of ink but no bulbs or screens.  I can get those online, so no worries.

I really have no idea where to start with it and will think hard about a project before I purchase any supplies.

For more information about Gocco, visit this awesome Save Gocco page.

*wherein I told Mr. P he was going to have to take the bus home because I was on a mission and couldn’t pick him up at the train station.  He had no idea what a Gocco was but knew better than to ask questions.  Priorities.

8 thoughts on “I Own a Gocco Machine!

  1. Wow, awesome! And especially great because you got such an amazing deal. (I wish I had a craft resale store nearby. My cousin lived kinda near to one, and we went one time, and it was fabulous.) I love the way Mr. P understood completely. Good man!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create!

    • I don’t get to that store nearly as often as I should. I’m lucky that they posted on Facebook about it or else I never would have seen it!

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