Scrapbook Layout: Our First Home Together

New Home Scrapbook LayoutNew Home Scrapbook LayoutNew Home Scrapbook LayoutNow that the title page and intro page for this scrapbook are out of the way, where do we begin?

At the beginning, of course.

For us, that meant moving in together and starting our lives together.

The two items on the left are the front and back of our change of address postcard.

The top right photo is our apartment complex.  I was so on top of things even back then that I took a picture of our first place, right?  Wrong.  It’s a screenshot from Google Street View.  I found our place using Google Maps, made the window very very big, then took a screenshot.  The resolution will be fine as long as the printed photo isn’t very large.

The map?   Also a screenshot from Google Maps.

I placed a little pin on the map to show where we actually lived.  The pin is the Geotag from Kelly Purkey.

I added some handwriting below talking about moving in and what our life was like at that moment.

I’m really pleased with how simple of a layout says so much about a big time in our lives!

New Home Scrapbook LayoutFont: Lobster 1.4, cut with Silhouette SD | Apartment Photo: Google Street View Screenshot | Map: Google Maps Screenshot | Map Pin: Kelly Purkey Geotag.


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