Fonts, Fonts, Everywhere

Font OrganizationHow do you organize your font collection?

I have so many fonts, it takes a while to go through and find the perfect one.  Is that just a me problem?  A font-snob-and-perfectionist problem?

Do you stick to a small collection of tried and true fonts?  I have some definite go-tos, but every so often I’m looking for something different.

I’m considering grouping my fonts into categories and then printing something I can flip through.

Before you say it, yes, I’ve culled through them and deleted some.

Any thoughts?  I would love to hear them!


12 thoughts on “Fonts, Fonts, Everywhere

  1. I’ve never done much with fonts, other than the default ones on my computer. Do you buy them? Where do you get your fonts? This is one area I don’t know much about, but would love to learn more…

    • I usually download free fonts, most of mine come from You have to be somewhat careful and not download them from any old site as they can harbor viruses, but I have a few sites here and there where I will look for fonts. If I use a downloaded font on a layout, I’ll link in the post about where I found it.

  2. I have my fonts organized in folders: child’s, typewriter, title, winter, spring, summer and fall, script, formal and a few others. This at least helps me to narrow down the choices. I do have them printed out, but I have to admit, I don’t refer to the sheets very often.

  3. OOOOOO, and I thought I was alone!!!!!
    I was beginning to think I needed to search for a 12-step program.

    I’ve created documents that list my favorite fonts for journaling.
    Favorites for cutting with my CRICUT.
    Separate document for widgets.
    And so on…….

    But still, it doesn’t seem effective.
    I am pondering creating a page for each font that shows the letters in Caps and Smalls and then the numerics.

    But then, I look for the 12-step program!!!!!

    Save me!!!

    • Ha! Glad to know I’m not the only one! I’m a very visual person, so I think having them printed out will help. I agree, I want something to show all caps, smalls, etc. Seems like a lot of work!

      I’m thinking of categories like serifed fonts, good typing/journaling fonts, thick script fonts to cut out, etc.

  4. Hi Nat,
    My font folder is an atrocious mess. There is no organization whatsoever, even though I do wish I had some in place. The one thing I do, however, is print out a chart of all of the dingbat-type fonts (every character) and keep them in a binder so that when I’m looking for a particular shape to use with my Silhouette, I can see them all at a “glance” (the glance *is* getting longer though ;-)).
    I am just listening to an episode of The Digi Show (a digital scrapbooking podcast that I enjoy tremendously, even though I’m not really a digi scrapper) about font organization. The panelists talk about some software (free and not free) that they use, which might be interesting to you. The discussion of the main topic starts around 28:00 (the mail segment was particularly long this episode).
    I will be interested to hear what organization system you decide to employ!

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