Scrapbook Layout: 2004 Scrapbook Title Page

2004 Scrapbook Title Page by Natalie Parker2004 Scrapbook Title Page by Natalie Parker2004 Scrapbook Title Page by Natalie Parker2004 Scrapbook Title Page by Natalie ParkerI like title pages (see here, here, and here).

Earlier I talked about how I wasn’t sure how I was going to scrapbook “just life” without definitive periods like I did for school scrapbooks.  I realized if I created a title page for each year, it would be pretty much what I was doing before.

Plus, making title pages is so fun.  I love picking out photos for them.  I also love layouts with lots of squares.

I picked a couple of photos from my college graduation even though they’re in my last college scrapbook.  Since graduating is kind of a big deal, I wanted it in this snapshot.

I printed the pictures in 2×2-inch squares and glued those onto a navy blue cardstock background.  Below that, I added a huge strip of chevron paper and a big 2004 cut out of blue shimmer cardstock.  On top of the year, I added this strip I designed that alternates the year and roman numerals.

Not a bad beginning if I do say so myself!

2004 Scrapbook Title Page by Natalie ParkerFonts: PosterBodoni BT (numbers), Century Gothic (green strip) | Paper: Blue & Ivory Chevron by Canvas Corp.

3 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: 2004 Scrapbook Title Page

  1. I like this look…’s a good way to start each year. A couple of questions…Am I to understand that you created (this feels obvious!) the starter page at the end of the year to incorporate pictures from that year? And, did you actual “print” 2×2’s or cut 2×2’s from larger pictures?

    This seems like a nice and easy project.

    • This is a starter page I created before scrapbooking the rest of the year. So yes, it incorporates the year but it’s created at the front end. I share my layouts in the order I create them.

      I use a photo printer at home and print photos so everything is cropped, sized and printed to the custom specs I want for the page. You can read about why I use a photo printer here, though I’ve gotten a new printer since then.

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