New Spring Color Palettes

Spring color palette based on bouquet of greens, pinks and purples.Spring color pallette based on pinks, oranges and yellows.Happy Spring!  Yes, I’m going to say that spring has sprung even though some of the country is still sitting under snow.  Positive thinking, people!

Besides the calendar telling me it’s spring, I know for sure it is because the asparagus has started showing up at my local farmer’s market.  For us, it means the end of winter cooking and moving on to springier dishes.

I dug through my files looking for some spring inspiration.  I put together two new color palettes for you!

The first one is from a bouquet of flowers we saw on our trip to Seattle.  The second is from my trip to Sydney – those flowers drop on my coworker’s car in the morning!

I hope these inspire you!


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