Where Do We Go From Here?

Box of Scrapbook Stuff by Natalie ParkerI’m done with my wedding scrapbook.  What’s next?

Life, essentially.  I know, scary.

I finished my last college scrapbook, skipped over a couple years and scrapbooked my wedding.  All my scrapbooks so far have a structure of time and I was really worried about how I was going to scrapbook “just life” that’s not a school year.

I was preemptively worrying about this when I was working on the wedding scrapbook.  As usual, when burying myself in another project, I got a moment of clarity on the next task.

I decided to treat each year like a unit.  There is a box of stuff in our home office for each year since I left college and moved in with Mr. P.  I’m going to take each box out, one at a time, and scrapbook it.  They’re my time capsules!

So, I’m jumping back in time to the point where Mr. P and I moved in together and going full steam ahead.  I took the box out of the closet, organized it a bit and got going!


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