Use Google Images to Identify Landmarks

Google Image Landmark SearchThis is embarrassing to admit:  I wasn’t always as organized with vacations as I am now.  I use a travel journal to keep track of what we did each day and names of places we visited  That way if it takes me years to scrapbook it, I’ll have the details.

I went on my honeymoon before I had a good system.  I’ve got this picture of a waterfall and I have no idea what it’s name is.

Google Image Landmark SearchAll I know is that it’s a waterfall on Kauai.  What’s a girl to do?

Enter Google Search by Image.

I talked about Search by Image in a guest post I did for CrafterMinds.  Here, I’m using it to help identify a landmark.

I took the picture of the falls and uploaded it to Google Search by Image.  Google analyzed the photo and voila!

Google Image Landmark SearchOpaeka’a Falls!  There is no way I would have guessed that!


6 thoughts on “Use Google Images to Identify Landmarks

  1. That is really cool that you can upload a photo and it will tell you where it is if you don’t know. I’ve had to go into Google maps several times to find landmarks in Europe that I didn’t remember the names of. I’ve always been able to remember the general area so with the street view I could always figure it out. 🙂

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