Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook, Off to Hawaii Layout

Hawaii Honeymoon Scrapbook Layout 1Hawaii Honeymoon Scrapbook Layout 3Hawaii Honeymoon Scrapbook Layout 5Hawaii Honeymoon Scrapbook Layout 4Hawaii Honeymoon Scrapbook Layout 2Woooo!  The first real honeymoon page!

This page is an overview of sorts and captures bits from our entire trip.  It shows one of my favorite techniques: knitting photos and keepsakes together cohesively.

The photos and keepsakes are all cut the same size.  I used the airline boarding passes as a base to determine the size of everything else.  I made the airline itinerary double the size of the other boxes and it fits in really nicely.  It shows the dates we visited each island so I don’t need to write it elsewhere.

At the bottom, I added a headline out of shimmer stock and then cut a set of Hawaiian islands with the Silhouette.

Hawaii Honeymoon Scrapbook Layout 6To see all the pages of my wedding scrapbook so far and to learn more about the papers I’m using, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

What do you guys think of this new post layout?  I’m experimenting with having all the photos together and the text at the end of the post instead of photos with tiny paragraphs mixed in.  I think it’s easier to read.


12 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook, Off to Hawaii Layout

  1. I LOVE LOVE the way this page turned out (and the Hawaii cut! awesome). Someday in the future, I will get to scrapbook my honeymoon, and I’m going to have to keep this page in mind as inspiration. I’m always so hesitant to cut up my memorabilia, but then it never ends up in the scrapbook. Your solution is so nice and neat and shows off the memorabilia!

    P.S. I liked your post layout this way, but I also enjoy photos interspersed with text– sometimes it makes it easier to see what the text is referring to. (Not that it was hard in this post!! I liked the way you added banners to your photos to call out the details)

    • I go back and forth with cutting up memorabilia – look for a post on that this month once I get around to writing it. Sometimes I think I need to preserve it as-is and some other times I think as long as it gets on the page in some form it’s good.

  2. I love this layout. I also remember being SOOOO envious of your trip when you took it!! I wanted to go to Hawaii too, not drive back to Oregon and go to grad school!

  3. I love this layout! The pictures and memorabilia work so perfectly together with the way you’ve cut them!

    I also love the new blog layout! The writing on the photos explaining the details is really nice. But I also like the pictures and text together too 🙂

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