2013: Always Send a Card

Always Send a Card by Natalie ParkerI’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions.  But I made a crafty one last year.  Crafty New Year’s Resolutions are fun!

My 2013 Crafty New Year’s Resolution:
Always Send a Card

My love of stationary and sending mail started long before scrapbooking.  I was collecting paper and pen pals when I was a preteen.

Sending mail is becoming a lost art – so much so that sometimes I think to myself, would it be weird if I sent a card?

Pardon my french, but F that.  Send a card.

Want to thank someone for something small?  Don’t send an email.  Send a card.

Not sure if you should include someone on your Christmas card list?  Include them.

Is it someone’s birthday and you have their address?  Send a card.

What if, in any of these situations, people don’t send you cards?  So what?  Sending a card never makes you look bad, I think it makes you look cool and put together.   Who cares if you don’t receive cards?  Sending them is really fun.

If you make cards, great.  If you buy cards, great.  Send a card!

The cards pictured above are these fabric notecards from Etsy that Mr. P got me for Christmas.

10 thoughts on “2013: Always Send a Card

  1. This is an awesome resolution. One of the things I really struggle with is getting the dang note into the mail. I can write it, address it and stamp it, but I struggle to get it to a post box (our mailman is not reliable about taking outgoing mail!) At what point must one apologize for the lateness of a note, particularly a thank you note? Is it okay to write your apologize on the back of the envelope or must one rewrite the note to acknowledge the lateness?

    I may be overthinking this.

    • I know how you feel because when I work from home, I never make it to the postbox (we have the same issue with home pickup). I usually carry mine to the office. Does your husband work in a place with outgoing mail? Usually outgoing mail is my job, but I think I’m going to make him figure out where in his office the mail drop is just for those times when I need him to send something.

      For the latter bit, I would just send it even if it’s late and not overthink it! Just getting it out means so much more than not sending it at all!

  2. I love this! I put all of the Christmas cards up on the kitchen wall this year and gettting so many cards definitely made me so happy. It’s such a little thing that can be such a big source of cheer.

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