My Box Runneth Over

Scrapbook Keepsake Box by Natalie ParkerWhat a year it was.  2012 began with the lowest of the low for us with the loss of a dear family member.  We made it our business to spend the rest of the year having a great time.

Each year, I start a box to collect bits and pieces of memorabilia to use in my scrapbook.  Big and empty, the first thing that went into the 2012 box was a card from the funeral.

As the year went on, we had so many happy things that went into the box.  Lots of trips, lots of weddings, lots of fun stuff.

2012 is over and the box is full.  Really full.  I’ve never had a problem with the box being too small, but there it is.

Quite literally, my box runneth over.  I have so many things to be thankful for this year.

Happy new year!  I hope 2013 is as exciting for you as it’s shaping up to be for me!


5 thoughts on “My Box Runneth Over

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    • Yes, but you are getting back into it! It’s really easy to have a deposit area for these items even if you aren’t going to craft with them immediately.

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