My 2012 Christmas Card

2012 Christmas Card

Hi, it’s me over here – the person who my friends describe as crafty – with my non-homemade, non-customized Christmas cards.

I love being crafty, but I still buy my cards every year.  There’s something about getting out 70 of them that prevents me from making them myself 🙂  Sure, I could design a photo card, many do, but it’s not my thing.*

Disclaimer: I think twice about blogging about Christmas cards because any time I share what I do, people think that I don’t like what they do.  It’s okay, I just do my own thing.

I really prefer to find a pretty card and devote my efforts to writing a message inside.  It’s not much, but I like thinking about the person I’m sending it to.  This usually results in “hey, I need to have dinner with them!  And Them!  And them too!”

That’s what I think it’s about in the end – getting a chance to connect with people in a non-social media form.

*I reserve the right to change my opinion after I have kids.

10 thoughts on “My 2012 Christmas Card

  1. It’s great that you still send cards at all! So many of my friends have stopped doing it, and I really miss getting those yearly updates.

    And when you have kids, you may resort to the ubiquitous photo card 😉

    • Ha! yes, I probably will do a photo card. I’ve been tempted in recent years as it was because we’ve traveled a lot, but I’ve decided to keep it simple.

  2. I sccrapbook all picture cards, handmade cards AND cards with personal notes in them. The ones who sign their name go in the recycle bin to see what I can reuse!! I believe it is the thought that counts 🙂 I LOOOVE your disclaimer, too funny!!

    So many want to do what everyone else is doing. I don’t want cards for that reason. I love getting them, the handmade ones, the letters, the photos. You’re right, t is a way to keep up, catch up and remind myself to call and invite them to dinner. One of my family members sends a note sometime during the year. They keep the cards they received at Christmastime out in a basket and 5 days a week, over breakfast, pull one out, pray for that person and send them a note. (Gotta love the retired life, huh?!?!)

    I do a 5×7 front and back photo card with my favorite phots and have a paragraph about our year. I usually have close to 200 of those for customers, family and friends. I make about 20 cards for my nearest and dearest and have personal notes in there.

    You are RIGHT. There is somethikng for everyone!!
    Merry Christmas!! 😉

  3. I buy my cards too. This year we are sending out 88. That is too many to make!

    I did send out photo ones last year – because I’d won them, and I’d only sent out 40 or so! But this year, it was too expensive to do the photo ones for all those people!

    • Good point! I never even thought about the cost of getting them printed! I try to buy my cards after Christmas each year so I can get a deal and also save myself an errand the next year.

  4. I have to admit that this is the first year I have ever sent out Christmas Cards. I don’t have that many to send out so I have made my cards and it has worked out for me. If I get in the habit of sending Christmas cards out maybe I will have to buy them but for now the few that I send out it works for me.

  5. I loved the personal message! It made me realize I should do one too and I totally agree with the sentiment about it reminding you how many people you need to catch up with!

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