This Year’s Travel Ornaments

2012 Travel Christmas Ornaments

We put our tree up recently and one of the most fun parts is taking out the new ornaments I’ve been saving from our trips this year!

We like having an ornament on our tree for each place we’ve traveled.  Last year it was a little camel from Egypt.

From London, we have this tiny little double-decker bus.  It’s only about an inch tall!

In China, we picked up this cool red and gold design.

They’re both keychains, in case you were wondering!  Christmas ornaments can get expensive, very large, or even difficult to find in some places.  Getting a keychain really opens the possibilities!  I remove the key ring part, add a hook and it’s done!

What about you?  Any special new ornaments or travel traditions from this year?


12 thoughts on “This Year’s Travel Ornaments

  1. Our tree in Modesto is all travel ornaments. This year we added ones from our Mississippi Riverboat cruise and ABQ Balloon Fiesta trip.

  2. These are so cute! I collect magnets from everywhere that I travel to, but now I think I should be picking up keychains for my Christmas tree! I will definitely remember this.

    • We collect magnets too! I need to do a post on our collection 🙂 The one we got from China was super cute – a itty bitty steamer basket with two buns in it.

  3. That is a great idea about the key chains! I never would have thought of that!

    We collect picture frames from each city that we live in. Well, that is that plan. So far, we’ve lived in Chicago, so we only have one frame. But, we are moving in March to Baton Rouge, so I’ll be searching for one there!

    I also got a frame in St. Lucia while we were visiting there. Since its the only vacation we’ve been on, that may be a tradition too!

  4. Now why did it never occur to me to make an ornament out of a key chain??? Brilliant! I have a bag full of key chains – can’t have 10 on at a time! So I am totally doing this – converting some key chains to ornaments. Fabulous idea! 😀

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