Seattle Photo Walk

Mr. P and I took a whirlwind trip to Seattle a couple weekends ago and I used it as an opportunity to play with the new camera.  Here is a teeny tiny photo walk!

It rained almost the entire time, but I’m glad we got to be there to see fall colors!  We don’t get many fall colors in California.

Really pretty leaves falling on train tracks.

Seattle Trip by Natalie Parker We spent the better part of a day eating our way through Pike Place Market.Seattle Trip by Natalie Parker Sometimes we sat down to eat at Pike Place.Seattle Trip by Natalie Parker Other times we ate on the go (mini donuts!).

Seattle Trip by Natalie Parker We got to see guys throwing fish – but I never got a good shot of it.

Seattle Trip by Natalie Parker On the advice of fellow blogger Jean Manis, I visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit at the Seattle Center near the Space Needle.

Seattle Trip by Natalie ParkerThe exhibit was absolutely fantastic.

Seattle Trip by Natalie ParkerThe exhibit ends in a greenhouse with a beautiful piece.  There are roving photographers in the museum that will take your picture.  You can email yourself a copy of the picture and it is included already in the ticket price.  Awesome!

Seattle Trip by Natalie ParkerI know we just scratched the surface, we were there for no time at all!  I didn’t even get to sit at a coffee house!  No matter, I’m sure we will go back!


11 thoughts on “Seattle Photo Walk

    • Just in case you ever end up out there, it’s a permanent exhibit! I love Chihuly as well and this did not disappoint. They had some beautiful postcards for sale in the gift shop and I took some home with me 🙂

  1. These photos are gorgeous! I live just outside of Seattle, and Pike Place Market and the Chihuly Garden are two of my favorite places in the city. It looks like you really made the most of your trip!

  2. Awesome photos! I love Seattle. So many great things to do, great music, great coffee, fun shopping! Anything from my home state makes me happy! 🙂 That glass exhibit looks amazing!

  3. Those are gorgeous photos Nat! The colors are beautiful. I’ve been to Seattle several times but never seen the glass exhibit. Has it always been there? I will check out your links.

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