Free Printable I’ve Voted/We’ve Voted Sign

Free Printable I've Voted SignI’ve voted!  Did you vote?  Election Day is in a couple of days here in the US and people have been knocking on my door nonstop to talk about candidates and issues.  Mr. P and I voted early.  While I appreciate visitors who are keeping our democratic process alive, I made a sign to help them along.

Download Free Printable “I’ve Voted / We’ve Voted” Sign (PDF)

When we vote early, we don’t get those snazzy “I’ve voted” stickers.  Earlier today, I taped a ballot receipt and a note outside our door:

That wouldn’t do.  Surely I could make something prettier.

Free Printable I've Voted SignThat’s much better!  Even though the election is so close, hopefully this will help you let everyone know you voted already!  It’s date free so you can use it over and over for local, state or national elections.

Free Printable I've Voted SignAgain, download you’re free printable voting sign here.  It’s 2 by 3 inches, just the right size to go over your doorbell or doorknob.  I’ve made two versions: I’ve Voted and We’ve Voted depending on how many voters are in your house.

Free Printable I've Voted SignEnjoy!  On a serious note, no matter what your feelings or affiliation, it’s so important that you get out and VOTE.  Many people have and still sacrifice for us to have this right.  No matter how big or small the issue, it’s important to have your voice heard.  GO VOTE!

7 thoughts on “Free Printable I’ve Voted/We’ve Voted Sign

  1. This is so cool!

    Unfortunately, I don’t get to vote this year. I mailed an absentee ballot request to New York, and they never sent it to me. I assumed this was because of Sandy, so I called to find out what was happening and if I could vote online.

    Turns out, I am no longer registered to vote in New York because I filed my taxes from Chicago (never mind that I paid New York State taxes when I filed!)

    Illinois will not let me vote here in Chicago because I still hold a New York driver’s license.

    I am so upset about it! My only option is to fly to New York before 6pm tomorrow and swear before a country judge that I didn’t vote in Chicago!

    AJ is in almost the same exact boat as me – filed taxes in IL, holds a New Jersey license, was able to absentee vote in New Jersey. So he could have this cute sign!

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