Signing Scrapbook Pages

Signing and Dating Scrapbook PagesDo you sign your scrapbook pages?

I started thinking about this as I get closer to finishing my wedding scrapbook.  I generally don’t scrapbook about scrapbooking – I have enough stuff to document as it is!  Still, there’s no documentation of how long it’s taken me to do this project (other than this blog, that is).

I started signing and dating each layout that I finish.  I write it in small letters along the part that will be bound (the date being the date I finished the page).  It will eventually be hidden when the pages are added to the book, but I like the fact that it’s there.

Signing the pages gives a nice finality to a layout and I’m loving the moment when I get to say “done!” and write today’s date.

What do you think?  Do you do something similar for your pages?

18 thoughts on “Signing Scrapbook Pages

  1. I date the backs of my layouts- usually with the date that it was finished… If a layout takes me more than one day of work, sometimes I’d put the span of dates, if I felt like it was important.

      • I probably should have been more “realistic” in my comment… “over a year ago, when I could regularly finish the other things on my list in the morning and scrapbook like a maniac all afternoon, I could pump out a page in a day or so…”
        Haha. I have no idea how I thought I was busy then 🙂 Who knows what it’ll be like when I actually get back to it now! 😉

      • P.S. One of the reasons I put a date on my layouts is because I work on them in any old order, and then they get added to my albums in chronological order. There can be layouts that were made months, years apart right next to each other in the albums!

      • I have no idea what I’m going to do when I have a kid! I barely have enough time to devote to it as it is! Haha, I sound like you sounded back then.

  2. I have never done it but people have encouraged me to do so. I have thought about it. I think it might be nice for the kids to look back and see when I scrapped there pictures.

    • I’m really liking it! I’m not sure if I’m personally going to look at the dates later, but it kind of gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  3. I put my finishing date at the end of the album. If I started on the project a significant amount of time after the event, I may also put the start date. I think it’s a nice touch. Tells me how long it took me to do a project. The fact that I finish projects so long after the event/events happened tells me that I STILL want them to be done – even if it took awhile. A glance at the finishing date may also say something about my journaling – since I tend to leave that for last – it tends to be less detailed than if I had completed it right away. But I am always glad to complete a project, even when it takes longer than I wanted!! 😉

  4. You know, I’ve never really thought about this. If I have an older photo and I journal from today’s perspective, I will date the layout with today’s date. But I have not signed my layouts. Maybe I’ll give it a start….but I’m not going back through my 500 completed layouts! LOL. 🙂

  5. I never really thought about signing my layouts, but I really like the idea of doing so! Now if only I can remember to do it the next time I make one 🙂

  6. I digitally sign each one- somewhere, in very small letters, my initials and the date (DEM 10/28/12) are hiding on each page. Wonder if down the years, anyone will notice and start to look for them? I don’t know why I started doing this, I just always have.

    • That is a fantastic idea!! I am the only album maker in the family so I would never have thought to include my initials on each page. If I know the date of a page or event I include it, discreetly, but clearly, for each page or event. And then just date my completion of the album. Occassionally I will twist my hubby’s arm into writing a sentence or two of his thoughts and “Sign” his name to it.

  7. I initial the back of my layouts and include the date the layout was completed. I also label what album the layout should go into. Most go in the family album, but some are made specifically for my daughter’s album. I usually wait until I have a bunch of layouts complete to put them into albums and found I would forget which album I wanted to place them.

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