More Recycled Wedding Notecards

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesThese notecards rock!  Yup, I said it.  They are so much fun to make!

I first made these back on Earth Day as a way to repurpose the thick response cards we received from our wedding invitations.  I’ve been collecting pretty pictures and paper ever since then so I can make another set.

Here’s a mishmash of cards and pictures torn out of magazines.  If I like a card someone sends or if I get a corporate postcard that looks neat, I save the design to use it for this project.

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesI tape or glue the design to the written side of the wedding response card, then I cut around the card to trim.  Got that?  Glue first, cut second.  The results are so pretty and unique!

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesWait, there’s more!  Do you ever cycle new pictures into frames around your house?  What do you do with the old pictures?  It finally dawned on me to turn them into notecards!

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesCheck. that. out.  I patted myself on the back big time for thinking of this one!

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesI’m such a stationary dork (don’t forget about my ode to pretty postage stamps).  I can’t wait until I have to send a note or mail a check to someone so I can use these.


12 thoughts on “More Recycled Wedding Notecards

  1. Sending cards are completely underrated. Matt sends 5 notecards a day to clients/colleagues and I’m trying to get into sending 1-2 a week. You wouldn’t believe how many people simply LOVE getting a piece of mail that’s not junk/bill/wedding invite (not that those are bad, but it’s still not a personalized piece of mail) and that is really a hand-written personal notecard. Well, you probably would believe it. 🙂

    Great idea!

    • I remember when I worked in the mail room at the dorms. Sorting through all the magazines and bills was so not fun. Every so often, someone would get a piece of actual personal mail from someone else. Even though it wasn’t mine, it was so fun to look at and I was excited for the person receiving it!

  2. I do remember your post from earlier in the year and think this is such a great idea to do. I must agree – people love getting real mail, not just bills… and the piles of political ads lately.

    • Oh jeeze, I don’t even want to talk about the pile of political mail that’s sitting in my house right now. Perhaps I should think of something creative to do with it!

  3. Great update! I love the idea of recycling the photos from frames. I usually stick them in the drawer – they are all duplicates. But this is a much better idea! 🙂

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