Halloween Candy Centerpiece

Easy Halloween Candy CenterpieceBy the time you read this, all the candy will be gone.

Probably.  Maybe.  It’s pretty tough to resist.

Last year, I did an easy fall centerpiece that lasted the entire season through Thanksgiving.  This one is just as easy, but it may not last that long.

Supplies were easy.  I have a bunch of vases from weddings (everyone has those, right?) and I picked up a bunch of candy at the store.

Easy Halloween Candy CenterpieceI filled each vase with a different type of candy.

Easy Halloween Candy CenterpieceTo round it out, I added some small pumpkins.

Easy Halloween Candy CenterpieceIt turned out pretty cool!  I didn’t use the caramels in the picture above, but I’m saving them to use as a replacement for when Mr. P eats we eat all the candy.

Easy Halloween Candy CenterpieceSee?  There it goes.


15 thoughts on “Halloween Candy Centerpiece

  1. This is adorable! But between AJ and I, it would be gone in about 5 minutes! I moved our Halloween Reese’s Pieces dispenser to the top of my scrapbook shelves to keep it away from us – and we’ve still eaten 3 big bags of candy in about a week!

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