Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Wedding Cake Layout

Wedding Scrapbook - Wedding Cake CuttingYou should know by now – every large detail for our wedding gets its own scrapbook layout!  Our wedding cake is no exception!

Originally, I wanted rows of horizontal pictures.  However, the picture of our cake topper looked best vertical, so I paired it with a picture of us cutting the cake.

Wedding Scrapbook - Wedding Cake CuttingDown the left side of the photos, I added a wide band of patterned paper and the headline.  I also added some text about our cake.  Mr. P’s aunt made our cake so I wanted to make sure and capture that as well as what the flavors were.  It’s been six years, I almost forgot the flavors because I didn’t have them written down anywhere!

Wedding Scrapbook - Wedding Cake CuttingThis came together pretty easily!  That is, aside from some photo printer mishaps which I will cover later.

Wedding Scrapbook - Wedding Cake CuttingTo see all the pages of my wedding scrapbook so far and to learn more about the papers I’m using, visit my wedding scrapbook page.


4 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Wedding Cake Layout

  1. I love your wedding cake topper! The “break” in the horizontal pictures with the two vertical looks very cool, and really draws attention to those two pictures!

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