Using Magazines for Scrapbook Inspiration

Travel Magazine Scrapbook InspirationThey say inspiration can come from anywhere.  I still get most of my inspiration from other scrapbookers, but I’m trying to broaden my horizons.

Enter magazines.  I was flipping through an issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine, dreaming about taking another vacation, when *poof* – inspiration!

Travel Magazine Scrapbook InspirationIt certainly helps that I’ve been thinking about travel layouts lately.  These pages are excellent!  I try to keep my layouts very simple and uncluttered so they are right up my alley!

Travel Magazine Scrapbook InspirationI love the white space and how the photos are sized and placed with one another.

Travel Magazine Scrapbook InspirationDo you get inspiration from unconventional sources?


6 thoughts on “Using Magazines for Scrapbook Inspiration

  1. I just watched the movie the Lorax with the family this weekend. The colors in the movie were so inspiring and Im wondering if there is a way for me to recreate the trees in the movie. I tend to shy away from bright colors but I will definitely be trying something. I like the inspiration you found in the travel magazine it’s right up alley as well!

      • I would have to say color is my biggest challenge when it comes to utilizing the bright colors. They scare me for some reason. 🙂

      • Maybe try using some fun color palettes for inspiration? There are tons of them on Pinterest! Or, take a picture you want to use in a layout and extract bright colors from it.

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