Our Anniversary and My Scrapbook

Wedding ScrapbookThis week, Mr. P and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary.

As per our tradition, we took a photo together.  It’s the first time since our second anniversary that we’ve been home!  It’s fun to think of where we are in our lives each time we celebrate this.

Our anniversary has got me thinking about my wedding scrapbook.  Six years and I’m still working on my wedding scrapbook.  You know what?  It doesn’t matter.

Whenever I can start a project is the right time.  Have you been married six years?  Sixteen years?  Sixty years?  I don’t think a lot of time passing is a barrier to working on a wedding scrapbook, or any scrapbook for that matter.

It’s never too late to start something.  Have you been putting something off because you feel like you passed on the “right time” to do it?  Get to it!

10 thoughts on “Our Anniversary and My Scrapbook

  1. Happy Anniversary!! 🙂 I do like to let things settle sometimes and like the perspective I can add later when I do wait to scrapbook something. But you are right, whenever you start is the right time and it’s never too late!

  2. Congratulations! Hope you had a lot of fun celebrating and reminiscing!

    Well said!!! When I start, I start, when it’s done it’s done. Though I admit I am not always so blase about it. I live in South FL. Hurricane central. Each year I remind my husband that the dogs, the scrapbooks and a duffle bag are all I will take if we have to evacute. One of the things I MOST worry about though is the “What if.” Staying and losing a roof or having a tree come through the window near the scrapbooks would be WORSE 😦 I have found a business that scans 12×12 pages and plan to start doing that soon, so that I could rescue ANY album with a digital duplicate of my original pages if the need ever arose.

    But my wedding album is a different story. This year we celebrated 10 years. I did one that has all the pre-wedding stuff, then another with the wedding day and a third with all the cards I wanted to keep – and I didn’t keep them all! So technically the weddings album are complete. Buuut, my budget was limited in the pictures I purchased from the photographer. So … about 5 years ago I purchased the CD of ALL the photos and could now do whatever I wanted. I want a digital album!! But I haven’t done it yet. Back to the when I get there, I get there. I do actually know some scrapbookers who have kept current. Somtimes I am jealous, then I remind myself I don’t have to keep up with Jane!! LOL

    • I’m still working on a post about my wedding pictures – I have a DVD of every single picture my photographer took, which is what I’m using along with other pics for this scrapbook. Have you thought about doing a digital photobook like MyPublisher or Blurb for your wedding pictures? I like doing those to show a huge amount of pictures for one event.

  3. I scrapped our wedding photos just before our 25th wedding anniversary celebrations! So you have lots of time!

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