Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Family Layout

Wedding Scrapbook Family Photos LayoutThere’s a lot going on here.  That’s for sure.

What I had: a ton of posed family pictures.  I liked them all.  Was I supposed to create a ton of pages to make sure each picture got in?

I’m talking pictures like us and my parents, us and his parents, us and my immediate family, us and my extended family, etc.

What I did: I created a photo collage for his side of the family and one for my side of the family.

Wedding Scrapbook Family Photos LayoutI backed each collage on patterned paper.  True, it’s a little on the plain side, even for me.  But, in the book it will be a right-hand page with our guest layoutcomplimenting it on the left side.

Wedding Scrapbook Family Photos LayoutTo see all the pages of my wedding scrapbook so far and to learn more about the papers I’m using, visit my wedding scrapbook page.


10 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Family Layout

  1. I did something similar with my pictures like that 🙂 I used sepia to make some stand out. Your page is beautiful!

    Also, I know you said somewhere else that you print all your own photos. What I know about printer inks and the easiest-to-purchase of papers that you can use in a printer is that they are not necessarily safe for long-term photo storage. How do you fix that?? Thanks!

    • Ah! Now I’m wondering if I should have used some black and white to offset a few of them!

      I don’t use the easiest-to-purchase inks or paper. It costs more, but I shop around for the best deals on the supplies I use and never order at the last minute. I also use rewards points from print cartridge recycling toward printer supplies. I need to do a new post on my photo printer because there have been some changes in the supplies I use since I last talked about it.

  2. Learning to use B&W or Sepia is a funny story for me. I have a rather an inexpensive point and shoot camera and have not spent time/money on lessons to learn how to compensate for light. Indoor lighting is the WORST!!! Flourescent, old fashioned yellow bulbs, then there are the white bulbs … Anyway … I have GORGEOUS photos outside, but not so much with the inside.

    Sooo, I started compensating by using B&W or Sepia!! Now, even when I have great photos, I have learned to use the neutrals to accent pages. My tips to people are to use the neutral colors when there is an overwhelming amount of color – often due to large numbers of people in different colors – or to make the background photo/photos more pronounced.

    But I think your pages work great because you guys are in the B&W and so the colors are not overwhelming!

    I will have to look for the old post about your ink and paper and will look forward to the new one 🙂

    • I’m still testing my new ink and paper setup, so I’m delaying writing about it for at least another month or so. Oftentimes when I get something new it works fine and I don’t figure out any odd quirks until I use it for a while!

  3. I think the two pages will look good together and I’m not certain if you would want to have made it any different because the photos stand out here:) It really is a lovely album Nat.

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