Craft Tutorial: Gift Card Storage Envelope

Gift Card Storage EnvelopeI love gift cards.  I love using gift cards.  I never remember I have gift cards.

Gift cards always end up rolling around in my desk.  I created this pretty envelope to hold all of our gift cards and certificates.  Now I won’t have to go digging in our desk for buried treasure!


  • Envelope template from Paper Source, size A7If you don’t have envelope templates, you can easily search for and print out one to use.
  • Pretty paperI used this yellow blossom print from Paper Source but I don’t see it on their site anymore.
  • Cardstock
  • Glue/TapeNeeds to be strong stuff so the envelope will be durable.
  • Scissors

Gift Card Storage EnvelopeHow to Make a Gift Card Storage Envelope

First, glue your paper to the cardstock, then trace and cut out the envelope template.  The cardstock will give the envelope some heft and durability.

Gift Card Storage EnvelopeCut a piece of cardstock as wide as the envelope and a couple inches tall.  Glue it toward the top inside the envelope.  This adds an extra level of storage inside the envelope.

Gift Card Storage EnvelopeCut a slit in the envelope to tuck the top flap.  This makes for neat storage.

Gift Card Storage EnvelopeFinally, glue the envelope together.  Trick: if you have a lot of gift cards, glue the envelope with the gift cards already inside.  If you glue the envelope by itself completely flat, there won’t be much “give” in the envelope.  If you glue it with some stuff already inside, it’ll give the envelope a little puffy shape and more room.

Gift Card Storage EnvelopeThat’s it!  This whole process took me less than 30 minutes (not including glue drying time).

Gift Card Storage Envelope

2 thoughts on “Craft Tutorial: Gift Card Storage Envelope

    • Totally see your point. For me, the gift cards were strewn about and getting stuck underneath other piles of stuff in the desk. I still need to work on USING them, but at least they’re in one spot.

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