Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Ceremony Layout

Wedding Ceremony Scrapbook PagesThe latest edition for my Wedding Scrapbook – I like how it turned out but I don’t love it.  Funny because the wedding ceremony is arguably the most important part, right?

That’s exactly the problem.  I was struck again by the omigod-this-is-so-important-I-don’t-think-I-can-do-it-justice.  And down the rabbit hole I went.  Anyway.

Lots of wedding scrapbooks I’ve seen have more than one page for the ceremony.  I kept this to one double-page spread because: 1. our ceremony was super short, thus we didn’t have as many bits to memorialize, and 2. I’m still twitching about how many pages this entire album will end up being.

I put large key pictures at the top and a band of smaller pictures along the bottom.

Wedding Ceremony Scrapbook PagesUnderneath that, I added the ribbon from my bouquet.  Yeah, it’s not the cleanest – I should have cleaned the ribbon right after the honeymoon.  I tried blotting off the dirt before putting it in the scrapbook and it only sort of worked.

Wedding Ceremony Scrapbook PagesI added a simple headline and flourish, no other words.  Remember, the main story for the ceremony is hiding underneath our program on the previous page.

Wedding Ceremony Scrapbook PagesHere’s a closeup of the detail – everything is backed with patterned paper and just a tiny hint of pink.

Wedding Ceremony Scrapbook PagesStill not sure how I feel about these pages, but I’m not going to change them.  I generally don’t go back and change pages – I accept how I interpreted something and move on to the next project.

Wedding Ceremony Scrapbook PagesTo see all the pages of my wedding scrapbook so far and to learn more about the papers I’m using, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

12 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Ceremony Layout

  1. So, I love it. However, given your “I like but don’t love” comment, do you think maybe this page deserves a smidge different color? Maybe a dark fuchsia, just for this page? If it’s a dark version of the pink that you already have…. it would make this pages pop more. Or maybe a gold?

  2. I think they are lovely but I know how you feel. If I keep a page I just completed (that I don’t love) on my desk for a few days, I might be able to come up with that something that is missing and add it. But generally, it’s done and I need to move on. I love the ribbon detail just as it is! 🙂

    • Thanks! I felt like if I dressed up the ribbon, it would have been too much. So even though I feel like it’s not perfect, I think anything extra may not have helped.

    • That was pure luck and a good photographer. She told me she noticed a breeze picking up right at that moment and took 10 photos hoping to get one just like that 🙂

  3. I think the simplicity of these pages is lovely. I also agree with Nikki, above– that photo is stunning! The photos really tell the story, and the page spread is beautiful.

  4. One question. what size did you cut the pictures down to that are at the bottom? or what size did you order them in so that you could still see everything in the pictures.

    • Hi dana – I print all of my pictures at home. So I shrank the pictures down to the size I wanted, printed them out on 8.5×11 photo paper and then cut them out. Here’s some more information on why I print at home:

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