5 thoughts on “How to be an Excellent Friend and Wedding Guest

  1. I totally agree! I LOVED getting photos from friends and family (even if it was months or years later). I always try to share the (full-res) photos I take at weddings with the bride and groom, too. I never thought to zip them up and share them over Google Docs. I will definitely be using that method in the future!

    • Exactly – the GoogleDocs thing is a new thing I’m doing and it makes it so much easier to instantly share without worrying how large the hi res files are.

      • So this post actually came at the perfect time! I have a bunch of photos that I’d like to share, and I’m going to try GoogleDocs. I just realized, though, that I only know how to zip things on a Linux OS, not Windows! I’d love it if you could share how you zip up your folder of photos. Thanks!!

      • Get everything into a folder, right click on the folder, click Send To, then click Compressed Zip Folder. Let me know if that doesn’t work!

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