My New Travel Journal

Homemade Travel JournalSomebody has a vacation coming up.  *Wink wink*

Last year I posted about how and why I keep a travel journal.  It is a very simple low-impact way of keeping a record.  I haven’t scrapbooked that vacation yet but I’ve consulted the journal more than once to remember what we ate.

For a complete tutorial on how to make your own travel journal, visit my travel journal tutorial.

This year I was super pressed for time and cut corners by getting heavy patterned cardstock.  This means I skipped the step of gluing the patterned paper to plain cardstock.

Homemade Travel JournalThe cardstock is Perfect Posies from the 29th Street Market Line from My Mind’s Eye.  I picked it up at Michaels on Sunday.  I’m not much for distressing and cut the journal cover from an un-distressed area.

Homemade Travel JournalUsing patterned stock made this super quick.  I was running out of time to make this and threw it together.  It only took 15 minutes!  Okay, it was probably around 20 because Mr. P made me a margarita and I was enjoying that while finishing it.

Homemade Travel JournalDon’t forget to visit my travel journal tutorial for complete instructions on how to make a travel journal!


6 thoughts on “My New Travel Journal

  1. I’m smiling at your choice of paper – it is one of my all time favourites. I made my own diary this year and made the covers from this. Your travel log looks lovely …

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