Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Mother-Daughter Layout

Mother Daughter Wedding Scrapbook PageAfter we got our wedding pictures, I realized our photographer captured this moment of me looking in the mirror.  It’s exactly like a picture of my mom looking in the mirror before her wedding.

I framed both pictures for Christmas and gave them to my mom later that year.  Working on this scrapbook, I knew I had to capture it here.

The page is very very simple.  I didn’t want anything to take away from the pictures.

I did the mirror pictures in black and white and a picture of us together on my wedding day in color.  I like the mix of black and white and color and I may do more of it in this scrapbook.

Mother Daughter Wedding Scrapbook PageAlong the bottom, I added some patterned paper and shimmer stock.  I think text backed in pink shimmer is going to become a thing in this book.

Mother Daughter Wedding Scrapbook PageAlong the top, I added a tiny bit of pearl shimmer stock and a headline cut with the Silhouette.

Mother Daughter Wedding Scrapbook PageI love that I have this stand-alone wedding scrapbook to document things like this.

Mother Daughter Wedding Scrapbook PageTo see all the pages of my wedding scrapbook so far and to learn more about the papers I’m using, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

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