Treating Fabric to Go in a Scrapbook

Fabric in ScrapbooksI am keeping some very special pieces of fabric in this wedding scrapbook.  I have a piece of my bridesmaids’ dresses on my dress shopping page and a huge piece of lace on my wedding dress page.

How am I keeping these fabric pieces from unraveling all over my scrapbook?  I’ll show you.

Here is the swatch from my bridesmaids’ dresses.  The edge is already unraveling.

Fabric in ScrapbooksAfter I cut the piece I wanted to use, I treated the newly-cut edges with Fray Check.

Fabric in ScrapbooksFray Check is made by Dritz and you can find it in fabric stores for a couple of dollars.  Dab the clear liquid along the raw edge of the fabric and allow to dry.  The Fray Check will seal the edges and prevent them from unraveling.

Fabric in ScrapbooksWith my wedding dress lace, I got a perfect edge to align with the pictures by cutting the lace with my rotary cutter and omnigrid ruler and treating with Fray Check.

Fabric in ScrapbooksSome tips for using Fray Check: Make sure to test it first on a sample of the fabric to make sure it won’t discolor it, Fray Check before attaching fabric to page, and let it dry for 15-30 minutes.

Wait, is it acid free?  Nope, I don’t think so.  I decided that I would rather have the fabric not unravel in my scrapbook than worry about this small part of it being acid free.

Did you cut up those dresses just to use them in the scrapbook?  Nope.  I had scraps of lace leftover from when my mom shortened the train.  When I ordered the bridesmaids’ dresses I asked the store for a swatch of the fabric so I could match it to other wedding stuff.  It never hurts to ask!


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