What’s on My Cell Phone, Q1 2012

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesI was diligently copying photos from my phone and backing them up the other day.  Looking back, here are the highlights from my cell phone for the first three months of the year.

Conclusion?  I take a lot of pictures of food and drinks with my phone.  A lot.

That doesn’t bother me too much.  Each one of them is some fun memory.

I’m going to review/back up my cell phone pictures once a quarter.  Want to join me?  We could do a blog hop of fun cell phone pictures once every 3 months.  If you’re interested, leave me a note in the comments.

Through the Eye of My Phone in Early 2012

I think cell phone pictures show very interesting slices of life that we don’t always get with regular cameras.

In January, Mr. P and I jetted off to Vegas to celebrate the engagement of some close friends.  A cocktail I ordered came with gummy bears!  The picture on the right is from our local movie theater.  It’s a super cool old theater with a Wurlitzer organ show.

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesOn the left was snapped in Old Oakland before dinner one evening.  On the right is from a wine tasting trip with friends.

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesMy favorite breakfast at our farmer’s market – a Belgian sugar waffle.  On the right is a display from the new spice shop that opened in our neighborhood.

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesNext, it was off to London for a lot of work and a bit of sightseeing.

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesMore from London – an afternoon snack as I worked.  No, I don’t eat that for a snack every day but figured I deserved it after working hard.

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesLater back at home, Mr. P and I had dinner at our favorite food truck.  It’s the best food truck ever.  Where else are you going to get truffle tater tots?

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesThe food truck sometimes parks at a favorite downtown bar, so we pair a trip to the truck with a beverage.  On the right, California poppies are blooming in our neighborhood.

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesFinally, Paris.  Because really, is there ever a bad time for Paris?  It’s kind of like “there’s always room for Jell-o.”  On the right, back at our farmer’s market.

Early 2012 Cell Phone PicturesAnd just like that, the beginning of the year is over.  I mentioned that 2012 was going to be crazy and it’s lived up to its billing so far!

A note on how I edited these photos:  Yes, they’re square and have filters but I did not use Instagram.  I edited them this way to show you that you can do this for free with Picasa and not need a special app.  I cropped these into squares, added a vignette, sharpened them and used the boost feature.

I’ll do another cell phone roundup at the beginning of July.  If you’re interested in participating in a blog hop, leave me a comment.  Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “What’s on My Cell Phone, Q1 2012

  1. Great idea! I find that most of my cell phone photos are of food, too. I often use the Evernote Food app to keep track of everything.

    Have you ever scrapped with your cell phone photos? I find the quality isn’t usually as good, but the memories sure are 🙂

  2. Count me in! My original plan was to transfer all my cell phone pics to my computer and then to Shutterfly at the end of each month…well, that only lasted until February. I’m great with my digital camera, but when it comes to my phone, not so much. This will get me motivated!! Thanks for the reminder too!

    • Once a month seemed like too much of a commitment to me and I didn’t remember anyway. Once a quarter seems workable and I’m going to try and organize the photos again and post them.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I think your photos look great! Did you make the template for the mulitphoto layout? The one with 18 photos. I’ll do a blog hop too. Just let me know when.

  4. Hi Nat! Just working on my post for Tuesday and thought I would check out how you set your post up. I love your photos and what a great idea to show people how to use Picasa. I just finished editing mine and look forward to the hop!

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