Using Baby or Kid Pictures at Your Wedding

Using kid pictures at weddingI mentioned on Thursday that I used little kid pictures of Mr. P and I at our wedding rehearsal dinner.

I used kid pictures for two different wedding projects and it was so much fun.

First things first, get your hands on some pictures.  If you’re like me, they will be hard copy, which is fine!  I had my own and Mr. P’s mom sent me some of him.  I hadn’t seen that many little kid pictures of him before and he was so. cute. (still is).

Scan Your Pictures. Scan all of your pictures at a good quality setting (at least 300dpi).  Don’t have a scanner?  I didn’t have one either.  A drugstore with a photo department will usually have scanners that scan as many pictures as you can fit on a CD for a few bucks.   I scanned all of these at Walgreens.

Using kid pictures at weddingNote: if you have any professional-type pictures like posed school pictures or tee ball team pictures, sometimes they won’t put them on the CD due to copyright issues.

You can do anything with them!  Here’s what I did:

Use Kid Pictures for Parent/Grandparent Gifts

We honored our parents and grandparents at the rehearsal dinner by giving them these frames.

Using kid pictures at weddingI scored these at Michaels.  Each one has three 5×7″ openings.  In each frame, we included our wedding invitation, a current picture of us, and a picture of either Mr. P or me as a kid (depending on who the gift was for).

Using kid pictures at weddingI turned all the photos black and white (you can do this free using Picasa).  After the wedding, I gave everyone a 5×7″ wedding photo of us to replace the picture on the right.

Rehearsal Dinner Decorations

This was the most fun wedding project!  I also kept it a secret from Mr. P until the day of the rehearsal!

Using kid pictures at weddingI turned all of our kid pictures black and white (again, using Picasa) and printed them 2×3″.  I found these cute frames in the Target dollar bin.  Sometimes around June, Target themes their dollar bins with wedding stuff, it’s a good place to get supplies!

Using kid pictures at weddingI put a few frames around each table at the dinner and everyone loved them.  Many family members took their favorites home.

Fast forward five or so years.  I wanted to remember these projects, so I printed little 1-inch squares and put them in my wedding scrapbook on the rehearsal dinner pages:

Using kid pictures at weddingI hope this sparks some fun ideas!  Even if you don’t have a wedding coming up, I still recommend that you scan your hard copy photos, especially old ones.

4 thoughts on “Using Baby or Kid Pictures at Your Wedding

  1. Wish I would have read this post 12 years ago! Although I can’t turn back time, I can still do something similar to the grandparent gifts. I bet your family and friends loved all of this!

    • Someone on Pinterest used a similar idea when they had kids. I bet anything similar would be much appreciated. Everyone loved looking at the pictures on the tables.

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