Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Rehearsal & Dinner Layouts

Wedding Rehearsal ScrapbookAlright folks, this is it for pre-wedding layouts.  I can’t believe it!

This section of my wedding scrapbook is finished off with our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  It was absolutely necessary to use a ton of photos, so I knitted a bunch of them together on an orange background.

Originally, I was going to put the rehearsal on one page and the dinner on the other.  Orderly.  Instead (so very unlike me) I mixed everything up because the rehearsal pictures all together would look sort of boring.

There is a ton going on here and I’ll point out some of the features.  First, a headline cut out with the Silhouette.  I decided to put it directly over the picture.  Trust me, it’s easier to read in person.

Wedding Rehearsal ScrapbookThere are 2 separate blocks of text, one about the day in general and one about the gifts we gave to our wedding party and families.

Our invitation was a PDF (more on that later).  I shrank down the PDF to print 4 pages on one sheet:

Wedding Rehearsal Scrapbook PageThen I put it together into a little booklet like I did in this post.

Wedding Rehearsal ScrapbookSomething else you may have noticed is the row of tiny black and white photos on the second page.  I used a bunch of black and white kid pictures of us for the rehearsal dinner (more on that project later) and decided to incorporate those into the layout.

Wedding Rehearsal ScrapbookWrapping it all up, here is the finished product.  I’m happy with the nice mix of people, decorations, the gifts we gave and all the fun:

Wedding Rehearsal Scrapbook PageThis page is part of my ongoing wedding scrapbook.  To see all the pages, visit my wedding scrapbook page.


6 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Rehearsal & Dinner Layouts

  1. With that many photos, I would be frantic about visual overload, but I think you struck the right balance here. Well done! I especially love the black and white photos along the bottom; they add a “frame” to the page. You are making me want to go back and redo my own wedding album 🙂

    • No, don’t redo yours! I never look back on projects and even though so of my old stuff isn’t as refined as my new stuff, I just chalk it up to it showing the evolution of the craft.

  2. I just love all the details on this page– the booklet, the black-and-white photo strip… And the way you surrounded your photo “grid” with whitespace really makes it so elegant.

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