Lollygagging in London

Photographing London

Hello lovelies!  If you follow me on Facebook or Google+, you know that I just got home from an extended business trip although I didn’t say where.  I spent close to two weeks in London!

Photographing London

I won’t bore you with the business bit, except to say I spent many 12-hour days in the office feverishly working.  On the weekends, I feverishly crammed in as much sightseeing as possible since I’d never been to London.  (End result = exhaustion with a side of jet lag).

Photographing London

Although I was there for business, I toted my camera along and tried to work on how I take pictures.  I love looking at travel pictures from other bloggers and secretly file away lessons I want to try on my next trip.

Just take pictures.  That was my biggest mantra.  I’m all about living in the moment but there are lots of times where I wished I’d taken the time to snap something.  The carriage below was the first picture I took on the trip – it was rolling by right after I checked into my hotel.

Photographing London

Bad lighting: being winter, I battled the sun a lot.  It never got too high up in the sky and set early.  It created a lot of harsh light situations at places where I didn’t have time go to go back and get better pictures.  I was barely able to get the Olympic countdown clock!

Photographing London

I experimented with getting more randomness, signs especially.  I realized I love signs!

Photographing London

Of course there’s food.  I feel like food pictures capture a lot about the trip.

Photographing London

Yes, I’m going to have to re-watch my Royal Wedding DVD and every other movie I own that’s set in Britain.  I only now realized how many movies on the list I shared with you fit that category.

Photographing London

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10 thoughts on “Lollygagging in London

    • Tempting! I’ve decided preliminarily to not go all out like I plan to do for vacations since this wasn’t really a vacation, but I’m definitely going to do something cool with it.

  1. Oh fun! London was the first stop on my European whirlwind in 2010. Loved every single second I was there. I stood at that same spot and snapped big Ben with the London Eye in the background. Can’t wait to see what you will be doing with your photos! 🙂

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