Sticky Stuff – My Favorite Scrapbooking Adhesives

Scrapbooking Tape and Scrapbooking GlueHere are the four main adhesives I use in my scrapbook.  I use these because they work and I don’t have to worry about something coming undone.  As usual, when I find something I like, I stick with it!

Every so often I may try something new but it doesn’t last long.

Scotch Double-Sided Scrapbooking Tape

This tape is double-sided and acid free.  This is the adhesive I use the most.  Underneath every photo and every large piece of cardstock are pieces of this tape.  I’ve been using it for several years and won’t use anything else.

Scrapbooking Tape and Scrapbooking GlueTrue, it can be pricey and it takes more time to use it and peel off the backing than something like a tape wheel.  I don’t trust tape wheels because they’re never secure enough.

Avery Permanent Glue Stick

Also acid-free and photo safe.  I use the glue stick when I have a lot of surface area to cover.  Often, I will put small pieces of double-stick scrapbooking tape in the corners of a large item and glue the rest.

Scrapbooking Tape and Scrapbooking GlueThis is a pretty standard glue stick you’ll find in most office supply places.  I tried a new scrapbooking glue stick recently and didn’t like it.  Aside from the weird stink to it, it didn’t work as well.  This Avery stuff is gimmick free and odor-free.

Zig Memory System Squeeze & Roll Glue Pen

I use this pen for gluing tiny, intricate items.  Every cut headline I make with the Silhouette is glued down with this pen.

Scrapbooking Tape and Scrapbooking GlueI love using this pen because it allows me to really control where the glue is going.  Even though the glue appears watery, it really really sticks.

Zots & Zips

Zots are little circular pieces of adhesive and Zips are the same thing but in strip form.  I use these when I have something really stubborn that I need to be extra secure.

Scrapbooking Tape and Scrapbooking GlueA good example of this is a layout that goes partway into the gutter of a page.  If the items glued on the page bend a bit with the gutter of a book, they can get unstuck.  These things work every time.

What are your favorite sticky supplies?

6 thoughts on “Sticky Stuff – My Favorite Scrapbooking Adhesives

  1. I’ve used all of the above and was once a regular user of the Scotch tape, then I switched to permanent adhesive tabs, my preference for photos. I don’t like the regular scrapbooking tape rolls either and have had to go back through old pages and add additional adhesive after using them. And of course, I’m a huge supporter of everything Glue Dots.

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