Creating Photo Collages in Picasa

How to Create Picasa Photo CollagesI love creating photo collages!  Picasa makes this super duper easy!

You may have noticed that I especially love creating these for my blog.

This really is very easy!  Simply select the pictures you want in your collage and hit a button.

How to Create a Photo Collage for Free Using Picasa

Go through Picasa and click the photos you want in your collage.  I’m not sure if there’s a limit – I’ve created some pretty big collages before.

How to Create Picasa Photo CollagesThe photos you want for your collage should appear in your tray on the lower left hand corner.  If photos disappear from the tray for some reason, click the push pin next to the tray after you add each picture.

Once you have your photos in the tray, click the Create menu, then click Picture Collage.

How to Create Picasa Photo CollagesIt instantly creates a collage for you!

How to Create Picasa Photo CollagesThere are lots of different styles available.  The one above is called Picture Pile.  With Picture Pile, you can decide if you want a border on your pictures (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t).  I’ve added a border to the one below.  You can also drag the photos around and change the size of individual pieces to get it looking exactly right.

How to Create Picasa Photo CollagesThis next one is called Mosaic.  It arranges photos in a grid style, but the pictures in the grid vary in size.

How to Create Picasa Photo CollagesThis one is called Grid – all the pictures are equal size in a grid.

How to Create Picasa Photo CollagesOne more important thing!  Use the drop-down on the left side to select the size of your collage.  It has standard sizes (8×10, 5×7, etc.) and options for custom ones.

How to Create Picasa Photo Collages I created this bar on my About page by entering a custom size:

Creating Photo Collages in PicasaGive it a try!  Already use this tool?  What do you use it for?

I created this bar on my About page by entering a custom size:


15 thoughts on “Creating Photo Collages in Picasa

  1. I wondered how you did that, but was too afraid to ask 😉 Thanks for the great info. I haven’t used Picasa since I got a Mac (iPhoto is pretty good). But I may be going back to check out this great feature. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. when you’re creating a collage… what size am I suppose to choose from the menu? Everytime I create a collage and go to order it on a big canvas,, the collage is always too big for the canvas 😦
    Please help!!

    • Hi there – are you talking about ordering a photo canvas? I would look at the canvas that you want to order first and note the size, then you can enter that custom size into Picasa to make a collage that will fit exactly.

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  4. Hi there! I loved your text, it helped me a lot with a project of mine. I have one question though, if you don’t mind: Is it possible to change the position of each picture inside the grid (in grid layout). Some pictures had the heads cut a little, and I’d like to adjust each photo separately, if possible. Thank you very much!

    • Hi — just a note that I’m still meaning to check this out. I don’t think you can move them with the Grid function but I’ll play with it and will let you know!

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