Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbok Bridal Shower Layouts

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutLots and lots of stuff to stuff on this page!  I’ve been saying that with pretty much every page, so I should be getting used to it by now.

The left page captures my “main” bridal shower that my sister-in-law was good enough to throw for me:

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutOn the right page I captured two different work showers.  I alternated the headline on this page to make it less matchy.

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutMy absolute favorite part of these layouts is what I did with the cards I received:

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutI picked my favorite cards and cut out squares.  Sometimes I used the front of the card if it was a pretty design, other times I cut out the message someone wrote.

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutAll the cards, pictures and stories are backed in cardstock from my engagement paper scheme.

A second element unifying these pages is the large keepsakes on both pages.  On the left, I have the shower invitation.  On the right, I made an envelope to store cards my coworkers gave me with marital advice.

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutI made the envelope out of plain white paper and lined it with grey patterned paper (Bella Blvd Socialite – Tango), a sample I ordered when I was trying to pick the paper for the book.  Both the envelope and the liner were made using Paper Source Envelope Templates and Envelope Liner templates.

With this, I’m well over halfway through the engagement section of the scrapbook!

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutTo see all of my wedding scrapbook pages finished to date, visit my wedding scrapbook page.


4 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbok Bridal Shower Layouts

  1. Wow – you were able to include so much on these pages! I love the mirror image look to the two pages. I have done the “punch the cards with a square punch” on Christmas cards, but never thought to do it with other cards. So cool that you have the envelope of advice too. Lots of great ideas here! 🙂

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